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It would be a double menu entry without any big use. And would even lead to confusion. 

fyi that logic would do away with the tool bar (Tkey) panel. because you can access extrude,bisect, transform tools etc in edit mode

I think its a big use, when it means being able to get the program from the get go (great first impression), and can hide pretty much permanently when you’ve gotten the hang of it. 

so since there are no big drawback (click once to hide it if don’t like.) it can mean having it even though it does not solve a big issue per se, means there’s comparatively little harm done and so would cancel out/be a draw sort to speak in terms of value to repitition ratio. 

I thought Bforartist was about catering to those who are  less offended to more holding hand type features (if that means repetition, that’s easily hide-able, so be it). 

Plus could even free up some keys like ctrl x,c,v.