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That the Blender way is a quirky one is known. That’s why i have started the fork. But the goal of a user friendly UI is definitely not to reach with cluttering the interface with even more double menu entries. Blender has over 1500 different operators. And they all need their place in the UI. Make them double and you have 3000 operators that you need to keep in mind, and where you have to search for the one that you need. That’s 2999 in the way then. Some entries even existed up to four times in Blender 2.7x!

The Bforartists UI philosophy is to have the most needed tools at a good to reach UI location. Once. For example all tools in the tool shelf, and just in the tool shelf. Not multiple times cluttered across the interface like even in Blender 2.8x. The toolbar is the big exception. It can be configured to your own needs. And so it is by design one big double menu entry. But everything else should just exist once in the UI.

We were nearly there with Bfoartists 1. And i would suggest to have a look at it. This gives you an idea in which direction also Bforartists 2 is heading. But now with Blender 2.8 we have started from scratch. This is not done in a few days. To finish Bforartists 1 took us three years. I expect also with Bforartists 2 to have an equal long development cycle. So please be patient. The UI will become much clearer in the future.

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