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Hi Reiner!
Old Truespace veteran since TS4!
United 3d artists…!
Reiner we know each other for more then 10 years..and since everybody has dropped the idea of recoding TS… thats here were the future is….!
Silently dreaming of the possibility to implement read and write of Blender files into TS..and back!
Yup there is a lot of work to do..Im not a coder.. but I have messed with so much 3d the past 18 years.. that at least.. I know what isnt so usefull to use.. and how things should look like to make them easy to work!TS went out of business 2008! 10 years ago! It had scene libraries.. model libraries..texture libraries…shapes and paths libraries..light setup libraries…all drag and drop!!!
Something your looking for in Blender 2018!!!
Yup thats what I am looking out for.. and why I apply.. here! Greetings Peter