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To me the new blender interface comes quite naturally actually. – The middle mouse button to rotate, zoom and hold shift to pan feels quite effortless to navigate. And for the lack of shortcut knowledge everything I was looking for was accessible via the GUI so far. – What I am missing are some shortcut hints on hover of the icons, which would make learning the relevant shortcuts for often used tools much easier. Let´s see if that will still be implemented?

As I mentioned earlier, before changing things up on blender 2.8 it would be good to get a profund knowledge of it by using it on a complete project from start to finish first and then see what makes sense to improve.

One thing that I found missing so far and should defenitely be integrated is the visual compositing toolshelf of BfA ….

…. I am curious how this all will develop, as a user I see some golden times ahead, with both blender and BfA…:D