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Hi EmilsVFX,

The new keymap is planned. And we had a keymap already that worked in Blender 2.80 Alpha. Unfortunately Blender developers made all old keymaps before Blender 2.80 Beta disfunctional when they switched to LMB select. There are some vital changes. So it is not as simple as grabbing our old keymap, load it in 2.8, and fix the few quirks. We have to start completely from scratch with our modifications, using the new Blender keymap as the base.

Best is to do this with a working Bforartist version that contains the 2.8 changes already. Then we can commit all changes directly into our repository. I have started the merge of Blender 2.80 into Bforartists just yet. And it will need a few weeks up to months until i personally will reach the keymap chapter.

Another point is, the new Blender keymap is brand new, and contains surely a few conflicts. And so i expect to see some changes happen. Means it might be more clever to simply wait a bit longer before touching the keymap again.

But you or everybody else willing can already start with some first modifications under Blender 2.80. And i could continue from this then. It’s actually not even this much changes. Already documented here: https://www.bforartists.de/wiki/Quickstart#preface

WER for navigation, XCV for vertices, faces and edge selection, Extrude went to S instead of E. 1 to 6 for changing the modes, and a handful other small changes like M and N for mark and clear seam. The previous mapped shortcuts to those keys needs to find a new home. But our old keymap is documented. So we can have a look there how we have solved it before.

The complicated part is now MMB to zoom and move, and RMB to rotate the view. They made the concept of action and select mouse even more fundamental in 2.80. And i have seen a few conflicts with our RMB navigation here already. This has biten us in Bforartists 1 before. But just in a rare case, i think with the knife tool. That’s why we have an alternative rotation hotkey too. Now it’s a bit more dramatic. So that i personally think to switch to Maya navigation completely. Even when i hate to hold down a key for navigation then. We will see. And we don’t need to solve every conflict in the first five minutes.

As told, when somebody finds the time to do the first steps, every help is welcome :)

The tracker issue is located here: https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/issues/218