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Looking forward to this. I wish I had or was a hardcore developer to work with it. I like the new 2.8 features in general, but I do miss the key core improvements Bforartists had:

  • Properties in the properties shelf
  • Minimalized header menus
  • All tools in the toolshelf
  • Minimalized and compacted panel menus on first open
  • Icons everywhere including in menus and popup menus
  • Minimalized Lclick workflows
  • No double entries and misnamed items

It looks like I will either stick to Bforartists 1 for a while now in the studio pipeline or start adapting 2.8 in the pipeline and see how I can help with BFA2. Timeframe sounds long, and with reason. But with that said, I can’t wait. Blender needs a healthy opensource competition, and personally I do agree, if it wasn’t for this fork, the UI wouldn’t have gone where it has tried to move in 2.8. The winners are the end user, students and all artists – and to see the fruit of many BFA concepts transition to the next generation of the sourcecode of Blender has been a real pleasure. “I have worked that way already!” ah-ha moments.

Curious thoughts on the comment on the whole commercialization and sponsorship of the opensource financial model they are implementing to get things ahead. Yes, money make the world go round, that’s how we interchange effort to other needs – but curious to see how Blender is moving to those models to stay afloat. Interesting. 

One thing I like about BFA is the library of already included addons for free, which give a powerful tool out of the box without needing to purchase nor customize. That too… is key.

So..gung ho! I’m still all onboard, and will be for a while yet.