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Hi FreedomDylan, and welcome,

For the FBX scaling, have a look at the import dialog. Set the scale factor to 100 when your mesh comes in too tiny.

In Unity the importer has still the scale default of 0.01 from what i remember. And the Unity developers were not to convince. Set it to 1, and your mesh should come in with the correct scale.

“Unpainted” means that you have lost the textures at one point. There are several causes possible for that. Do you even provide the textures with the fbx file? When everything else fails then you have to reassign the textures in the materials again. This step depends of your chosen renderer. In Blender 2.7x it’s the Blender Internal. We at Bforartists have Cycles as the default renderer. That’s two completely different material systems.

Regarding the last problem, could you please explain it a bit better? I am lost :)

Looks like you tried to add external images, which did not work. At least the text reads this way. You can attach images to a posting at the bottom, in the Attach Image dialog.

Kind regards