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It will be furry a bit like a muppet, rendered in Unreal Engine (thus the need for the complicated rig). The idea is to use it in publicity, not example material. Albeit, he doesn’t have any final texture/colour yet.

Concerning cuteness, the target audience would be in their mid 20’s to late 30’s with some in their late teens – we did have him with huuuge head and eyes and tiny body, but opted for a more adult look to create more empathy to that target audience. You think a more childlike kuwai proportions would be better for that audience? Currently our demographic is mid 20’s to mid 30’s male dominant, according to FB. We also opted to simple form with few or no features for a more “empathetic” approach to the audience – so stories are easier to illustrate and to have people identify with the character emotionally by emotional projection. It’s harder on a more defined character (that’s why villians have strong unique features). It’s very typical in Anime and hero character design also in the west.

Mascot is not necessary, but it’s arty, artistic, user friendly. Like Krita and their mascot – or Firefox with their fan mascots, or even Android.

How would you like a Bforartists mascot? Maybe I can get my artist to propose some new concepts and we can target to render him out with Cycles instead, or Eevee when it comes out. Could be another thread.