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Some input from a newbie?

I am learning OpenGLES and OpenGL coding on Raspberry Pi’s.
Rotating cubes get boring very quickly so I went looking for a 3D modeler.
It kept coming back to Blender, which for years I try and run screaming away from.
Lucky I discovered b4a, love at first use.

I got 1.0.0 to compile on my Linux Mint box, wow, that was easy.
Even got it to compile the lite version on Gentoo64(ARMv8-aarch64) on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Small issue of no icon images:(
It also compiled lite on Raspbian but it works a bit slower and has some other issues.
OpenGL is new on Pi’s, still a work in progress, Blender is a very good stress tester.

But b4a is easy to use, target the new users, kids, perhaps talk to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
There is no decent 3D modeler for Pi’s apart from online things like tinkercad.
But bf4 is more than just a 3D modeler and there are 20 Million Pi’s out there now.

The production guys will use Blender even with that demented UI.
Target the next generation:)
More kids are learning Pi’s right now than there are Blender users?

There was a Pocket Blender Edition years ago based on OpenGLES.
OpenGLES runs on Android, I have no idea how to do that, but Pi’s are native OpenGLES too.

Lots of SBC(Single Board Computers) are popping up and being embedded.
They are all mostly ARM based with OpenGLES GPU’s too.
Lots of these are quad or even 8 cores, quite capable mini PC’s.

Apparently a big user for Pi’s is Commercial Display Signage, not something I do or know much about.

Anyway, this is what inspired me to try it on Pi’s.
And yes that 3D obj model imported fine into b4a:)
And that demo even runs on a 1GHz single core Pi Zero.