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Tried to stick my Linux version on my github, but too many files.
I then zipped it but at 93.3MB it is too big.
I don’t use Raspbian these days, mostly baremetal and Gentoo64.
Been messing about with mesa3D and openGLES.

Was inspired to try modeling by Tim’s posts, looking for an obj file maker
Lucky I found b4a.

Mystery solved, dead mouse was killing my Pi’s, whew.
Thought I had trashed Raspbian and Gentoo64.

Ok, new release Raspbian has the Blender 2.78, will try that for speed.
Slow to start and because of it’s UI I cannot use it without opening a book/tut/video.

Been going through the Blender stuff, am I right in that when it is compiled some options can be turned of?
I want to try making a b4a version that only does 3D modeling and UV textures.
I don’t think the Pi could do much more?
Cross compiling for Pi, I have no idea?

Have source for bf4, let me see if it will build deps and compiles natively on a Pi.
Stranger things have happened, Pi’s keep surprising me.