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Every few years or so I would try to start learing Blender, never got very far.

My requirement for CAD is to make a box without reading manuals, doing training or watching videos.

Blender gives no clues how to do this, in seconds in bfora I had cubes and cylinders, in twenty minutes I had a Steampunk double hull Zeppelin model.

I tried to do this in my prefered CAD program FreeCAD which I have been using for years, I could not do it.

Overnight I compiled the latest source for the build deps and then bfora 1.0, I now have bfora 1.0 on my Linux box.

Apart from the long build and compile times nothing went wrong, whew.

A very big thank you from a new fan from downunder.

Are you going to make a Raspberry Pi version?

Kids need this easy to use UI.