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A day and a bit ago my computer decided to corrupt my graphics drivers. I tried to recover them (without a screen or visuals) but failed dismally. So I cleared my system harddrive and started from new: a new Windows 10 installation from zero. I have to admit, the installation process with Windows is a lot smoother than it ever has been, even autoregistering my Tech Insider legal key for me. It even installed all the drivers I needed – including the Nvidia ones.. say what!? But then I had a huge mountain of accounts to log back into, software to install and configure – plus some. This put my work behind a couple of days, and I’m still configuring everything all over again. But nice.. I fixed Windows 10 and it’s Task View hotkey issues while in the process, also added features I’ve always wished to the OS. Also, my harddrive is now half as full and everything loads faster – and I cleaned out a lot of software I’ve generally never touched. Why not take the time to clean out the old machine!? I’ve hadn’t had to a clean reinstall since more than 2 years now – good work Windows 10. Also, the error was due to a software I used to try remove junk files, human error. Completely preventable. I like this OS. So here is my new Bforaritsts layout – tuned to personal taste.

.. minor tweaks is just menu orders in the properties panel (so that all tick boxes are at the bottom) and the animation toolbar now present everywhere with the animation editors flipped to top and set.. hiding the timeline where I could and working with the Dopesheet. Blender 2.8 fixes this for me, but still doesn’t solve the lack of animation controllers in the NLA and Graph editor. With the Animation Toolbar present everywhere the animation timeline is, I solve this.