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Probably my first post here…:)

Keep working on it. But you know what would REALLY tickle my undercarriage? ADDING IN TOUCH NAVIGATION. Sorry to scream there…but so little 3D programs have touch nagivation that works well (or at least works well with my Wacom Cintiq 27″ QHD Touch). Maya has it…but its…a bit clunky and unpredictable. I don’t want to have to have my keyboard to the side (this Cintiq if humungous!), and I like working with it more “flat”…ergo, I’d love to be able to just use my fingers to navigate the viewport. I LOVE Bforartists plethora of icons so I don’t have to use hot-keys all the time; I can religate a handful of hotkeys to my Wacom EK Remote (it’s a bit hard to get used to…so I use it infrequently).

Anyway…from a person who’s been trying to use Blender since it was still owned by NaN and used almost exclusively for NeoGeo (yeah, I’m old!), Bforartists is a step in the direction I wanted Blender to go. At least Ton and the folks over in Blender land are FINALLY waking up to just why “3d indsutry standards” actually are standards.