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thx for the fast reply. What i read, was you have two armory3d versions. One standalone and one as addOn:
http://armory3d.org/manual/#/getting_started/setup (you can read it down below when you scroll down)
You can take this one: Armory_04a_win64_b27.7z (b27 means blender v2.7)
or this one: Armory_04a_win64_b28.7z (b28 means blender v2.8)

I´ve allready loaded it, into Bforartists. It works. I also can compile to any desired export format, like: html5, windows, etc.
So in general it works somehow with Bforartists v1.0 / Blender v2.7. Expect the thing with the “logic nodes”, that don´t
appear inside the compositing UI. This is what bugs me.

Do you think, when Bforartists-kernel gets updatet to v2.8, armory 3d will have better chances as addOn (with working nodes) ?

Kind regards