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Okay, then i’ll wait until i set your account to developer. You can at any point ask me to do so.

You never stop learning to program. In fact i still learn with every little piece of code i write :)

, how make you for icons as improvement in Bforartists?

Sorry? Could you clarify this question a bit more? What exactly do you want to know? 


Have you tips to give me on how to make UI in Softimage ?

 IN Softimage? I have no idea how the Softimage UI is made. Or in Blender/Bforartists LIKE in Softimage. Phew, this question is too general, sorry ^^

The first look is to find out how the UI elements are handled in Blender. You can do this by either have a look into the code examples that comes with Blender and Bforartists. And you can do this by having a look under the hood of the UI code. Most of it is located in the source code in releasescriptsstartupbl_ui .

Or in the release version in 2.79scriptsstartupbl_ui

There was also a Blender WIKI page that explained what UI assets exists, and how to implement and use them. But it seems that they have closed the WIKI for 2.8 …

If later i am developer which part most you need in Bforartists as feature ?

Manual writer! 

No, seriously, it all depends of what tasks we have in the tracker. The tracker is currently pretty empty. Bforartists 1.0 is finished, this development cycle is fulfilled. We will fill it with new tasks when Blender 2.8 is out. And then you can grab a task that you are interested in, and fix it. You can also post ideas and suggestions in the tracker.

Any there are developer can explain me how to draw UI in OpenGL ?

Not me, sorry. I never dived into this part. I have mainly used the UI stuff that the Blender developers have already implemented.

I remember Campbell Barton made a video for Blender a long time ago, where he uses OpenGL to draw a texture in the Blender UI. But i cannot find it at the moment.