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I just uploaded release #4, with OpenSubdiv and Open Shading Language support (and packages). :-)
Apart from CUDA support, everything is now implemented.

I could upload and link it here in the download section if you want

Your best bet would be to simply link to http://linux.developer.free.fr/#bforartists since this is not a monolithic package (its bforartists binary is not fully statically linked but uses the system dynamic libraries) and therefore requires ancillary packages (Alembic, Blosc OpenVDB, OSD, OSL) that are not part of PCLinuxOS official repositories, but are provided on my site (the latter being usable as a rpm auxiliary repository for PCLinuxOS).

Also, please keep in mind that this release was largely untested: it does what I need from it (and much more), but I did not perform an exhaustive testing of all of its features and it could just as well blow in your face when using some specific feature… It should be considered beta software.

At least, it got the merit to provide a recipe for other RPM-based distros packagers: the .spec files of the various packages could be reused (with only minor alterations, such as the package names in the BuildRequires and Requires dependencies) for RedHat/Fedora, (Open)Suse, and of course all Mandrake forks.