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Have you called build_files/build_environment/install_deps.sh previously to build BFA? This script would install OSL and OSD and contains rpm install routines.

It is not designed for Mandrake/Mandriva forks such as PCLinuxOS (or Mageia, OpenMandriva, Rosa, etc), so it plain does not work.
Funnily enough, it also got DOS (CR/LF) line endings, so it cannot be run “as is” under Linux (bash hates CRs) and needs to be first converted into LF-line-ending file… Did someone (rather overzealous) convert that file to a DOS file ? :-D

The only proper way to add the missing features is to create packages for the missing libraries (like I did for Alembic) or to compile and use static versions of the libraries during the bforartists package building (like I do for OpenCOLLADA, because PCLinuxOS does not provide a *static* library for it, which blender needs).

Time permitting, I may create the missing OpenVDB, OSL and OSD packages (but they depend on yet other missing packages, thus why I skipped them for now).