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Thanks :)

And thanks for the rpm file. Great effort. I have unfortunately close to zero knowledge about Linux. I have just a Ubuntu in a VM here. And Ubuntu and Debian can’t deal with rpm. So i can’t check.

Now for the bad thing. I noticed in your list above that some vital things are missing in your build. Jack, Player. And lots of other things. The most important one is Cycles. That’s the renderer. This one you should definitely not leave away. No wonder the rmp file is so small :)

To check what options should be on for a release version go to build_filescmakeconfig and open the blender_release.cmake file in a text editor. Here you can read the points that should be activated. There must also be a way to use this file directly to feed Cmake with. But i have never found out how. Most probably a linux thing …

I was told that “with international” also makes trouble with Blender at Linux. Windows works fine. So it seems that for now we simply have to live with it.

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EDIT says, “With international” works under Linux. Somebody was so kind to test it. I have no idea why it fails at your os ^^