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I’ve been mulling over pie menu’s concept lately, just back of the head. It’s good to see you also have ideas for something similar.

I have tested the current Pie menus out a lot lately, testing them – they are pretty rudimentary. The circular system works in a way, but it’s hard to see what does what at a quick glance, but once you know it, it’s awesome and very quick – adding great features to one hotkey and some mouse movements (instead of one hotkey = one action), ultimately minimalizing the memory load – indeed a grid or list sometimes is easier to get an overview though.

I have also been using a swipe panel in Android that have both, and I like it and use it a lot – more so than the window switch button with it’s list. It’s a semi circle and a grid option a level in. By far a semi circle is easier to use than a full circle. It’s a hybrid between a list and the swipe directions circle, only thinking of one general direaction, left or right, and then the angle to choose the 5-7 items (or push out further to get a grid or another semi circle).

A grid is good for overview of everything – not unlike how icon are arranged in grids in BFA. But it’s harder to use intuitively, you have to stop and search.

But.. it’s still stewing in the brain.

I do like the idea of consistent pie menus – one major killer for me with the current Pie addons is that for each Pie you have…  it adds 10s of shortcuts to memorize. Not only do they conflict and not change dynamically with the Input map – but they are.. hard to trigger. They are all over the place – and some pie menus only have 4 or 5 items, making that pie just not worth the effort crossing your hand accros the keyboard to use.

I have been thinking that in most software you Rclick and you get the floating list, dynamically – like Windows and in practically any software. Krita has a cool pie menu with a circle and to the side a list feature with Rclick also. I love that pie menu. I use it more than the actual UI.

All in all… I’m still mulling it over. I’ll make a design proposal later on this year, then hire someone to help me develop it, once I can compile correctly – and after my pending tasks… in due time.