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Draise, you can report everything. We will then see and discuss in the tracker if the issue is manageable and useful  :)

Checkboxes. There are hundrets in the software. And not all are changeable to icon buttons. Most of them needs a name to be displayed. And then a checkbox makes more sense. But i love the idea of icon toggle buttons too. There is still the plan to put some of the most used viewport toggles into the toolbar, or at least into the header. I am just not sure if this will happen in the current development cycle. As you know, they merge the Blender 2.8 branch into the master in the next few days. Which ends the 2.79x development cycle.

Do we really need a special Bforartists file repository? Bforartists loads Blend files just fine. There is Blend Swap for example, with tons of example files.