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Perplexed Rigging “Why Am I alive!?”

Finally, I have a character personalized to my default rig, a rig I build for everyone to then copy/modify to the custom characters – in hopes that animation can be shared and the rigging process done quickly.

The rigging took a little longer than expected – due to the hard knees, I needed the feet to flip – also not sure how to make secondary animation auto rigs with tails, I found an example, but required rigid body setups. Still unfamiliar, and running out of time. But in general, the rig is working.

I will now test an export to UE4.


  1. BFA is great, but still needs a lot of digging in the internet to find tutorials/material. If the software came with a good example DLC that you can download separately for example content – packaged and built for BFA, that would appeal to many artists who want to start up and do cool things. I guess with time…….
  2. Upgraded to 0.9.7 without a hiccup. The extra icons in dropdown menus are super helpful. I never thought I’d need them till they were there.  The new sculpting/texturing cleanups have me excited. Just need a project to use them.
  3. I hope we could integrate Tex Tools one day… they have icons and great UV tools built right in. Very well thought out. Another day..at the moment I just share work, no tracker issues. 
  4. Note.. Tick boxes are irritating. I prefer buttons that toggle, pressed/unpressed. It saves realestate and is easier to see/read/interpret than scrunched incomplete words and a tick box that is ambigious.. everywhere – I like the condensing of BFA, but the side by side tickboxes with cut words/letters… if it’s going to be tooltips, best it be an iconbutton toggle? I’m curious to know how to change this – if it’s possible in panels, toolbars, etc. Not sure if I should file this in the tracker..
  5. I found a bunch of options that could toggle to be hidden under the check boxes in the UI. I did not take mental note where they were, now in work/crunch time.
  6. I finished redesigning my business model. I had my programmer on hold due to not being sure what my budget really was. Now I do. Maybe May may be a bit better to delegate work. I do want to find someone who can compile though, or build an autocompiler system somewhow – a dumbed down one for BFA and my needs.
  7. Found out BFA/Blender can run with the new depsgraph already. I wonder if it’s buggy.