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Let them do their job first. They are ways not done. Maybe they even manage to deliver a good graphical UI this time so that we can stop the fork ;)

They will stick to the Hotkey centered workflow. That was clear in the first moment already. But let’s see what they do with the UI. Everything can still change.

By the way, they want to merge 2.8 into the master in around two weeks. This marks the end of the 2.79x development cycle then. Question is what we do. It makes not this much sense to continue development with the 2.79 line when the blender master is 2.8 already. The 2.79 cycle has ended. That’s why i personally think about to make the next Bforartists version the gold version 1.0 then. And continue with the 2.8 line too. The tracker is nearly empty anyways.

On the other hand, it makes not this much sense to try to change the 2.8 UI while it is still in heavy change. The code quest goes around three more months. That’s the time frame in which they want to finish 2.8 to a first release version. They want to present it at the Siggraph this year. So best ist we wait until this point before we start to invest. There are still some things in our tracker. So there’s still enough work around.