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Finished the default rig for the characters. I tried to make a rotation gimic for the 2D aspects, but not today.. running out of time.


For the experimental keymap where F is focus, the weight painting needs radius and focus at the same time, but moving radius to R conclicts with typical scale. I will have to investigate why it’s there and if that can be mitigated – other than that, no other conflict for R radius and F focus – here and the GP scale that is.. 

The tools in the toolshelf are nice and relaxing. To be honest I’ve resorted to less hotkeys to move cursor to object, then object to cursor. The toolshelf has replaced it naturally, am I lazy!? haha 

The mouth probably would have saved me more time with a spline rig – but I was afraid the export to UE4 wouldn’t export that…. so I did normal weight, but it’s dirty.  Weight painting in Blender/BFA sucks to be honest. You can’t see all rig weights (softimage style to get a general overview of all bone weights with their unique colours) and you can’t change weight transparency (to paint weights while seeing where textures are)  – but the rig smooth feature helps. Those tools also in the toolshelf help.