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A menu without icons….. yeah, I like Icons. I don’t have to read to know what a thing is or does. It is language agnostic so easier to teach people who don’t have English as a first language, and the visual muscle memory is easier to program with a visual marker to go to – instead of markers that look identical to the other markers.

Good UI design is not jus typography, but good iconography also. The brain works best with an overall siluette of a shape to jump to a conclusion that it’s something good or bad or just something – first macro shape, then details – it’s how it evolved. So having icons in the UI hits that identifier system in our brains. Only text is NOT that system, and we have to work 2 to 3 times longer to process what a word is (to then program the muscle memory).

I do get the idea that most menus everywhere don’t use icons to be minimalistic and “to the point” and have been like so since the 90s and this is true of the original Blender sourcecode – but in design and human brain functionality… it’s not that useful to not have icons. 

I like the bright contrasting colours idea for tooltips though. I wonder if it’s even possible to change those. It makes it look like helpers.