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I went on the live and mentioned Bforartists. He thought we were trying to assimulate or mold Blender to be more like Autodesk, and mentioned it – saying he didn’t want to start any wars with that – fair enough. I then clarified a bit on the goals and chuckled to myself to see some points he continued talking about already implemented into Bforartists. Though what he mentioned of BFA.. didin’t make sense, clearly not understanding the vision of why this fork.. but it’s curious to know they are aware it exists.

It was nice when I noticed the topics mentioned in the live video have already been implimented into Bforartists in a number of various ways – so I know the UI system of BFA is working. I feel the development is lightyears ahead of Blenders UI development, and will always be. If they make UI improvements to the source code of Blender, it will be included on the hundreds of improvements already done here… so it’s good, saves us work, but also.. not threatening and welcome – and really, great. I prefer less “specialized” and consistent workflows in all software, so it’s nice. 

From what I know, the development of Blender, being opensource, is political and comittee based – there is no president/prime minister calling the final judgement and guiding the whole diplomatic process forward with a particular agenda – so it’s slow and buerecratic. Will always be slow… it’s nice to see people think – but getting great tools, addons or modifications done quickly and have them voted in for future releases… Bforartists is like night and day compared to that development cycles. Here there is a head, and the priorities are less about features and more UI centric and some workflow with what can be done – there is a clear and pragmatic agenda. 

But it’s a nice symbiosis, Blender works on the source features and backend – and BFA works on the UI…. I am keen to see how they make the UI more easy to modify win the code, adding better customization – which might make the C coded areas open to the public through python.. hopefully.  But other than that, I think they should bet more on the feature set than UI right now, like Eevee (about time), collections (also about time, Softimage had this 12 years ago) and then clean up the code to help give people access to the UI – like less C code locked areas in the UI which I’m finding as huge roadblocks here..