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i know, thats why i asked. i did a C prop and it works but not with mainb, i would have to make a new bitflag in the source file but when i try to make one then i get plenty errors but no error to pinpoint the problem. So my question would be how to make a bitflag that can redraw the area only locally in data only without affecting the other mainb tabs. So basically i need to know how to add a new SDNA

when i add to in the DNA_space_types to the location where for example mainb, mainbo, mainbuser and stuff like preview is a new flag then all i get are hundred errors but no help. but for example in dna_userdef_types there is a flag called userpref which i cant find in the editor files nor anywhere else and it still works

till now i just fixed that problem with using “flag” as sdna but i dont know if that would cause any trouble, if not then i wont mind but im not sure.