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Hi Angela,

The will is there. And we improve the interface piece by piece and step by step. What we lack though is man power. And the other limit is, we don’t want to change the core too much. We rely at Blender under the hood. And every change at the core makes it harder to keep it in sync with Blender then.

When you have single improvement wishes, feel free to post them in the tracker. And we will do our best then.

On the other hand, what you want sounds exactly like the 101 project from Blender. Blender developers wants to create customizable workspaces with Blender 2.8. And 101 templates are then some kind of rooms, with just a handfull of tools for a specific task. So it might be a good idea to simply wait with what the Blender developers come up in Blender 2.8.

Kind regards