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Hi seanr,

The manual is in big parts still based at the Blender manual. Unsearchable, full of gaps, close to useless unfortunately in more than one area. Now you know why i have started rewriting it ;)

The chapter that you search for, the header area, is nearly finished. But needs some fine tuning. It will arrive with the next Bforartists version.

Back to your navigation problem. Have a look at the header area at the bottom of the 3D view. The Navi menu contains all the functionality that you are looking for. Also, have a look at the Important Hotkeys tool :)

The other thing I can’t figure out is how to undo view changes as I navigate the scene. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I rotated one of the ortho views and can find no way to undo the last view change/navigation activity (of course clicking the ortho view button I’d previous chosen does reset it).

The navigation problem that you describe here is unfortunately not to solve. Camera is in Blender and Bforartists not part of the Undo system. When you navigate away, then that was it.