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oooh…… pensioner. That’s cool. I’m not halfway there yet. Might explain my overtly exuberrent ambition.  Ah so ok. Just learning.

I guess I view any kind of cashflow as favour for favour systems. Value for value. Or else.. it would look like a parasite kind of relationship where the user becomes a black hole to the host service/product, or vice versa – ultimately driving the host to an untimely unhealthy death. I like opensource and free because that frees the user to exchange value for value through other means – be it through direct development, extra art or something else indirectly. For example… this software is of value to me, so I put in value of mine into it in exchange: my time, knowledge, experience, facebook page publicity and whatnot. Not unlike business where I give my time to clients with a monetary value for the products I can make which has value to them, or renting out rooms in a house as value for tennants for the time of maintaining the house/services/cleaning and paying the rent to the owner for them, or in knowledge exchanges with interns who work for the studio in exchange for dedicated training/tutoring from me. All things I do.. to get by.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time to be discovered and to build the artistic community – and making new strategies and investment to be known and to develop that artistic community might be… a waste of time and effort! Or not. Indeed, I guess, keeping things as is will eventually create more value for everyone – more value in the software with more free development and artistic investment with it – over time – with more freedom for an artist to also make more value from the art they do, without having to go through another system to exchange value directly with the software.. making the “free” indirect  value exchange ripple slowly elsewhere and eventually echo back. laugh

Anyway, should get back to work. Thanks for reading all my guff and thinking about things. Means a lot to me. Hope BFA becomes popular soon.