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Ah ok, so cover is done. Nice. Will have to experiment with something else.

I get how you need BFA to be non-commercial and non-profit. Any cashflow and legalities, taxes or anything, will slow down development. You put priority on the cause: opensource free software for artists. And to do so, you keep all financial cashflow far away, no ability to donate, no development costs (other than time and skill), no hosting costs, no investment in anything other than what volunteers do with their work and time.

I am not sure how you do it! You work on what insterest you most and somehow you don’t worry about getting some kind of return for something to eat, neither do you worry about getting known or finding a way to be known, nor having to worry about paying the electricity bill! You must have some passive income somewhere somehow from hard worked for assets from the past? In that case, your generosity is amazing. I wish I had such assets… 

And all in all, I am very much in agreement with the concept of free opensource software, and I think it’s great.

So.. in order to free up development… I guess this goes back to the other thread on a project… it would have to be a “Made for Bforartists” project as a third party that sponsors Bforartists.de indirectly outside of and disconnected completely from this area. Correct? If anything was to self invest using some kind of capital exponentially to grow audience exponentially… it would have to be a disconnected third party? Would that be allowed?  

I am wondering how Blender does it, as they do have a foundation and volunteer donations (for those who don’t develop) and other subscription servicefor “opensource” projects. I am also wondering how to harness the passion of real artists to promote with tangible prizes that are more than just fame or “the cause”.  I like the idea that someone can “help the cause” of a software they love and use either directly through development or indirectly through some other kind of alternative – which would be through donations or active participation with their art. I also like the idea that ultimately this software exists for the help, life and workflow and promotion of the artists. I am still just crunching my head to make it more accessible to those who aren’t developers… They must have done something right..over the past 4 years they were the 3rd in software ratings online concerning Maya, Max and Blender.. now they are more popular than even Maya (Google Trends). 

Concerning prizes only with featuring fame and the cause, I think we are still too small to make that of value to motivate artists to learn, migrate and work in BFA .. unless we implement a “featured Image”  in the gallery (which I can’t do) or “pinned post” in the Facebook page (which I can).  Maybe later over time, and maybe some sponsored advertisement, I could do extra feature pushing (publishing to groups, investing in ads on Facebook, etc). But.. that is not a strong solution….