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At 960 likes, Davis mentioned competitions. I think that is a good idea for something I could do this year (instead of an opensource project that sponsors BFa). But I want to run some ideas first with you guys.

Current status on Facebook:

  • Image of the day (from gallery)
  • Tutorials (latest from official Youtube)
  • Tip of the day (from the dev tips thread)
  • Feature fix (from latest interesting bug fixes or tasks)
  • Developer (important announcements here, like new downloads to test)
  • Spanish & English support groups
  •  1-4 posts a week
  • 1-5 organic likes per week
  • No ad investment (will ad a little for Feb)


Some new things we can do:

  • Art theme Competition and prize
  • Skill challenge Competition and prizes
  • Speed model challenges at regular intervals through periodic online meetings
  • Software Cover image competition
  • Facebook Cover image competition
  • Forum Praise Quotes
  • Mentions elsewhere in the internet (from Publicity thread, news articles, other downloads)
  • Addon Reviews/Tutorials
  • More tutorials


Here are some prize ideas:

  • Exclusive addon on the Blender market (which I can purchase for their download/talk to devs about giving their addon to be sponsored, etc)
  • Paid for subscription for a month to CG/Blender Cookie for a period of time (one paid account I can subscribe to, give access for period of time, log in details change at the end of time period to lock winner out, for a time)
  • Praise content on the Facebook Page and homepage of Bforartists.de with exclusive celebration on certain dates
  • Banner or Gallery header of the website for a time
  • Cover image used in upcoming release
  • Exclusive Skype interview with X developer

And I have one question, do we have time to do like a 1 week competition for the cover art of the next release of BFA? I can invest in it and push it and try get some people involved.