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This might be a good idea, but seems to be a lot of effort and time to get it started and take it to a successful finish. – I can see why a lot of potential users have reservations, since there is not much work created with (or labeled) Bforartists out there. – Although a true community project, like a short movie, interactive website or minigame would definitely draw more users to the app; I believe the simplest way to get people to engage, create content and give BforArtists a try would be an art competition of some sort. – There should be some “price” to be won, that might mean getting something sponsored, like hardware, addons, a subscription to a course or the like. Or maybe just the “fame” of having created the next bforartists splash screen is already enough? – By making it a public vote for the winning entry even more engagement would be created, if only registered users, or members of a certain facebook group are allowed to vote.

Aside from the buzz of the competition itself, this would potentially also create a lot of high quality content that can be used for further promotion of BfA.

This might be an easy first step before jumping straight into a year long community project.