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Ah, sorry bout the confusion! I have clients who have projects that I produce with BFA under NDA. Not anything I do for/with Bforartists personally! I just can’t use those projects and the hundreds of hours I put into them in the gallery or as publicity for BFA or video tutorials/showcases or anything.

Also to clarify, checking back and having clear communication in an open sourced kind of way.. is what I like about this so all good. wink

You have great points and I like your thinking. I personally still need to finish up some preproduction before pitching the idea, and getting things going as an entity and production house, of which has started – also figure out logistics and a platform to do it, registere here where I am, get a  website, make a plan, or with some other system. I love the idea of being an official project for Bforarist – but yes. There does need some preliminary work to be done before stress testing the project.

At the moment to pitch the project I am short on time, and still early in the stage to do anything, but the timeframe of making it go public within a year to work with your version 1.0.0! might be a thing. But I’m glad to hear you like the idea.

“Official project for Bforartists”… I like the ring to that. So great. I’ll… think around that and plan around that to see what I can make happen for the end of this year.