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Draise, you are not under NDA.This project is open source. You can say what you want. That’s just not an official statement then. That said, inofficial statements are a tough thing sometimes, which can easily bring both sides into trouble. The project should act with one voice. So it would be better in such a case when you could check back so that we can synchronize our voices.

What you describe here is the kind of workflow project that i wanted to do when the development of Bforartists comes to the workflow issues. That’s where you will stumble across the naggers then. Well, you could count the splash screens as mini projects to show the posibilities. But yes, we haven’t made a full movie or really big project with it yet.

I personally wanted to be through with the biggest issues before i start such a workflow project. Since such a project puts you under pressure to really fix what is reported. Which i can’t do when i still work at the fundament. It’s still all in development, and there is still some mess to fix left. Full keymap, pie menus. The Movie Clip Editor has lots of open issues, and needs the same cleanup than the 3D view. The important hotkey addon needs to be in other editors too. And lots more. I keep my fingers crossed that we make it to the workflow issues this year. But then there is 2.8 coming too *sigh*.

On the other hand, every time is a good time to start such a project i guess. There will always be something that needs a fix. My main problem here is the needed time, as usual. At the moment i could not participate. I am still at fixing the fundament. So when you want to start such a project, feel free to do so :)

Third party development, and even paid, hm. Bforartists itself is completely non commercial. We don’t have bills to pay, and are completely independant. And i want to remain it that way. Everything that just involves a single cent should and must happen outside of the Bforartists bounds. I don’t want to fund a institute and to pay taxes when you know what i mean.

But nobody stops you to organize such a commercial project outside of Bforartists. It just can’t be an official project from Bforarists then. But very well an official project for Bforartists.