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Might do. Our first 5 star rating was from a paid growth, also majority of the likes in the time were of newbies. Now we have the fans and regulars only, with small organic growth. I get forum chat often where I’ve talked about Bfa. Good feedback. I also get good feedback from the Spanish community. Like the Lclick proposal.

I have made a good groups map now. Will refine it more.  So now I know where to target.  Facebook has also changed its algorithms… which for groups is great.  More conversation makes things more organic and makes group posts more visible.  Before this change I would have considered it not even half as effective as the effort vs time value I’d invest into ads. It takes time to manually post and cross pollinate. Covering my labour elsewhere into ads to save time… it’s alright. Even with like a dollar a day.

Oh, just to say, I hit a quiet time posting in December/start of Jan (a real no no).. I had things hot, people were reacting nicely, then I went quiet for nerly a month – due to the Christmas period, travel, and big deadlines I had to work with. That probably also coincided with the no-ads drop when I stopped investing (to buy some Christmas gifts, haha) – meaning there was less content to react to in the same period for the organics – thus the conspiracy. 

I have to admit, 2-10% of all subscribers.. anywhere, if that, are generally active. You want to be bloated with exponential numbers if you want any kind of activity. Seems the trend of the internet is mostly of “watchers”.