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Publicity ads cost on Facebook. I could go guerilla and push everything to groups and spamming around, but the ad system in facebook is pretty accurate, efficient and worth the investment. I just put in my personal cash and the ads run, my contribution – getting likes and some download links (which are free to the user). I have done so already, that’s how we got the good near thousand likes. Eventually we’d need around 20,000 to 50,000 to be a spot on the 3D software map.

The investment is for publicity, not to make facebook user purchase Bforartist! Just to clarify. The ads would have a budget I invest in, small one, and the ads run to more people that I could never physically ever reach – no cashflow at ALL between Bforartists and the users, nor the facebook page and it’s user. Of course it’s free and opensource. 

The “investment” in publicity is just to have a stronger fanbase and potential developers.