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Lack Of Love
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Blender render makes it easy to render very fast, good quality, handle bin light, but it does not work for realism, you will not be able to make metallic paintings or very realistic light reflections, but you can do fakes, with Matcaps and making a good Uv map

I usually use blender render because I work on the street and use my lap top, it is very comfortable, someday I do things once more in a powerful PC, for now I do my master’s degree in blender render ajajajaj is the bad thing about losing your house and belongings in an earthquake

I did this in blender render with 3 matcaps to feign reflections for my game in BGE, I think it looked nice and very good, although those of blender discord told me that I did it in cycles and they did not like anything when I showed them that I could do things very good with blender render