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AZERTY is mostly used in France Belgium and Switzerland and I must admit that it sucks for games or 3D softwares :

Not as bad as QWERTZ through but it’s a bit like using the imperial system while everybody is using the metric system (Americans, if you read me ;-).

A few software has a QWERTY / AZERTY option or auto-detection which is nice (would make a good addon).

Changing the default OS layout is another possibility (mainly for games) but it creates the exact inverse problem when switching to other software (like Photoshop where ctrl+A would simply “Close” Photoshop and not “Select All” since A & Q are inverted; such mess).

Hopefully the BforArtists shortcuts are relative so it’s possible map ZER (on AZERTY) and still use the Z axis lock after activating Translate.

This section of the Manual becomes extremely useful if you try to keep the Blender shortcuts, make the BforArtists changes AND support AZERTY Layout : https://www.bforartists.de/wiki/Quickstart#changes