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Hey Infinice,

We don’t develop Blender here. We develop Bforartists. For Bforartists users. Not for Blender users.

You have to decide what software to use. You cannot use both. Well, you can, but they have a contradicting UI and useage philosophy. You shoot yourself into your foot that way.

You should forget about Blender when you want to use and to learn Bforartists. It is a different software. When you want to use Blender instead of Bforartists, then you better jump to Blender immediately. Because the differences are growing bigger with every release. And this is intended. When there’s no difference then the fork is pointless.

The same counts for all suggested features that tries to turn Bforartists into Blender again, or should help to make migration easier from Bforartists to Blender. They are pointless. So please don’t expect us to implement them. This will not happen.

Kind regards