Unleash the power of 3D
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Sorry about missing jpeg, but i tried (see joke below).  I’ll just describe it: under Comments there is a field of text descriptors: i.e. maximize, boldKeyboard short, italicKeyboard shortcut etc. etc. And under that the much-smaller actual text input field. 

I’ll look forward to Draise’s new keymap, and hope it’s documented clearly for benefit of noobs like me.

Thanks for all your patience- i think i’m oriented now, know what to expect from BFA, so i’ll just get on with the shovelling part- the actual learning.  (I think the world’s best interfaced 3D would still be a nightmare barring haptic input- because it’s sculpting by robot manipulator/remote control, inherently left-hemisphere, anti-right-hemisphere/artist!).


Why are craputers, er, computers, like hemmorhoids?  When you sit down the pain returns!

PS: sorry, can’t remember how i found BFA.