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Thanks for taking a look at my suggestions.

I completely forgot about tabs being introduced in Blender 2.8. I should have remembered that, and that does make most of my menu suggestions irrelevant.

It’s not that I think the current scene info location is terrible or anything, but I do think it would mkae more sense from a users point of view to have it collapsable. I think it would make more sense to devote that space to other things. Scene info is one of the situations where you either barely use it, or you keep a close eye on it. That’s why I think a collapsable, transparent list view in the 3d view would make more sense. Most users, especially new and novice users, don’t really use that information. However, when a user needs that information, such as while optimizing a scene or trying to reduce memory usage, it would be handy to have it a bit more visible. Maybe this is just personal preference, but again this isn’t really that big a deal.

For the sculpt brushes I think it would be possible to do something along the lines of what I suggested. I’m no programmer, but based off of the bit of tinkering I’ve done with scripts and seeing others addons I think it would be possible. For example, the sculpt brushes addon from IK3D contains a list of brushes in the toolbar, and it includes a number of custom brushes. My thoughts would be to add that list to the top toolbar instead and make them just icons, preferably a bit larger too.

I understand what you mean about renaming. Again it’s not a big issue for me, I just thought there may be some way to improve it. As I begin to really learn Bforartists I’ll keep it in mind to see if there may be a better way.

I’m not completely familiar with the keymap and input for Bforartists yet, so I can’t suggest any changes without a bit more learning. Glad to see that it has been tried though, and I’ll see if I can find a way that works well for me in Bforartists and I’ll share it if/when I do.

Thanks again for working on Bforartists and listening to others feedback as well. I look forward to seeing where you take this.