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Hey Davis-  Thanks for reply!   My install problem was so dumb i blush to confess it: but since spelling it out will probably help other idiots, i’ll come clean.  When i opened BFA folder i clicked on the first exe i saw.  Only it was Blenderplayer.exe.  Doh!

Speaking of speaking in simple sentences with short words, maybe you guys should reconsider your post format- it’s so cluttered with text formatting options i thought it was a glitch, not working at all, till i found main field for text.  Just a thought.

Anyway.. Since original post i rethought my zoom icons idea.  I still think it’s a good idea- would help people (read: with bad eyes) locate the right icon. Maybe you could just mention the problem and provide a link to some third-party magnifier (tho so far i’ve found all of them to be usability nightmares)?

Speaking of usability- i think it would help if, in your intro ReadMe you mentioned the whole interactive-mode issue, and its implications.  I saw Reiner’s intro video and i’m confused about it (again! :) ). 

If i use BFA in Blender mode does that mean i get all Blender’s original hotkeys? 

Since stumbling across BFA i’ve read some comments on it, vs. original Blender.  Now i see that of course it bars one from benefits of many main Blender tutorials.  That can’t be helped, as add-ons incompatibility can’t be helped.  And the biggest criticism i could find said that tho Blender hotkey reliance is a PITA to learn, once done, one will be faster at tasks (and that BFA would slow down or stop that learning process).  That gave me pause.

You may decide not to write such a general pros and cons summary but i hope you’ll tell me (and others) what proportion/percentage of B. hotkeys dfifer, or are blocked in BFA.

That would sure help me decide whether it’s a net benefit to commit to BFA or not.  So far i suspect it will be, but i’d appreciate your clarification.

Another question: what reaction are you folks getting from the main developer community?  Are they heeding your fine work, or freezing you out?  It’s not just of gossipy interest because if they’re snubbing you, all the weight of continuing the push for usability will continue to fall on your shoulders, and how long can you keep it up?

Well, anyway, a long post.  I hope you’ll consider my mouse-over zoom suggestion, and answer my hotkey compatibility question.  Thanks for your patience.

PS: one last thing- unless i was imperceptive again, i noticed your manual wasn’t downloadable.  I tend to go stretches without home internet, so i’d really like to see it made downloadable.  (It took Blender.org a very long time to add that feature.)

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