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Hi Infinity,

Sorry for the trouble.

Hard to say what went wrong. Not enough informations. The command line content would be of interest, your system specs, and if the same thing happens with Blender too.

Could you please file a bug report to the tracker? Then we could talk about the needed informations. https://www.bforartists.de/project/issues/bforartists_bugtracker

My program improvement idea is very simple but i think would help usability a lot.  Adding icons does help, but there are so many (needed) that they’re tiny.  A mouse-over zoomed image would be great.  Add a toggle of course, but being able to see it more clearly,, with a label would help a lot.  I hope you adopt my idea!

Nice idea, but that’s technically impossibe, sorry. The tooltip can just contain text.

As for the antivirus issue, i really start to hate those companies. They really flag everything as positive nowadays to show the users their oh so big importance. My guess is that those snakeoil manufracturers doesn’t like gzip zipped installers. And Bforartists is a gzip zipped installer to keep the file size small. We simply cannot offer installers with unzipped content in the triple or quad size of the regular zipfile.

I will have a look if we can do something different with the next installer. But even then, we don’t have signed installers. I will never pay anything for the permission to install an installer without a warning. That’s crazy.

Kind regards