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Let´s brainstorm.

  • If you keep changing the same settings in new scenes over and over again, save a custom startup file.
  • When updating to a new version of BfA, you can import all the settings from the previous version by the click of a button on the splash screen.
  • Use “render border” to only render and preview a part of the image and save render time.
  • Use Ctrl-1,2,3,4 to quickly assign and change the “Subdivision Surface” modifier
  • Use the text search in the complete PDF manual to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Use layers to organise your scene and easily create different lighting settings.
  • The principaled shader is easy to use and lets you create 90% of all the materials you can think of.
  • Use “recover last session” or “recover auto save” to recover your scene after a crash.
  • When you click close on BforArtists, think twice, before clicking OK. ^^
  • Hit F12 to render an image and CTRL F12 to render an animation.
  • Use branched path tracing in cycles to take full control of quality and render time.
  • Select “create UVs” when creating primitives to avoid having to UV unwrap them later.
  • Use HDRI environments to quickly generate realistic reflections and lighting.
  • Bevel, bevel, bevel, there are no sharp corners in reality, so there should be none in your scene, if you are going for realism.
  • Share your work in the “Art Corner” to get feedback and critique on your project.