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Maybe a quick icon for “Select” operator added to the outliner header bar instead of a hidden floating menu right click workflow that is alien to most workflows?  (So it’s easy to figure out that the Outliner needs to have things actively selected after highlight)

Maybe also add a button for Border Select? or add the Border select in the Rclick menu? (to supplement the Shift+Click for list select and have it discoverable from the outliner right off the bat)

It is kinda ridiculous that you have to press A to clear highlights + B to Border select, to then highlight, + Rclick to open hidden outliner options + mouseover to select “Select = select a group of stuff. You could save this step with the two icon buttons that activate or show the Border Select up front to new users, and skip the Rclick>Select with just mouseover>Select Icon

Maybe also, rename the Border Select to Border Highlight… to make more sense.

Maybe also adding the “Select hierachy” into a button to, which I use a lot (to the point I had to assign an obscure hotkey)

Maybe iconizing the whole outliner Rclick menu and throwing them into the header to skip the Rclick and make the outliner discoverable (like the scene view toolbar or animation panel toggles or toolbars philosophy), or alteast the most used ones or just iconize the panel itself (might be a task already)?