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Thanks. I am looking forward to it.

Just realized the market is pretty much worldwide. I still don’t have privalages to market in multiple languages, yet, so for now I’ll stick to English speaking countries I know of for ads. I will also index some groups to post to. I am thinking to do a crosspollination publicity – go to Blender, Maya, Max, Cinema4D, Houdini and other groups and areas to post to occasionally, including digital art training/study communities. But.. first I gotta make an index.

I’ll draw up a Phase 1 publicity plan to just get my head clear and for how long I should build the first stage of a publicity campaign. I think I will start on basic features, youtube videos (would also be good to have those as originals to upload directly to facebook as they embed better into peoples feeds) and forum art.

What do you think?

So far we got around 40 likes already.

If you guys have a cloud database on images/videos, I would love to have access to this.