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Hey Draise,

I find this great. Thanks for volunteering. I’ll give you dev status. And will assign you at this task.

But please note that we have to stay as close as possible at the Bforartists keymap. We cannot have two completely different keymaps. I hope you understand this. We can of course talk about the one or another hotkey. We did in the past already. But the wer key mapping is one of the hotkeys that must stay. That’s the home row. Same goes for y,x,c for the modes. And 1 to 8 for the modes. Radius is by the way currently mapped to F as a substitute for R.

I find it a good idea though to map the focus key away from numpad zero. I hate it too. So you have my okay at this one. We just need to find a useful hotkey here.

But please stay as close as possible at the Blender keymap too. When Blender users cannot migrate, then we have won exactly nothing with the full keymap. Different hotkeys should be an exception where there is no other solution, or where the benefits are really big. Like for focus.

Rest will happen while development. Have fun :)