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There is a sculpt addon I found that converts all your brushes into icons in a toolshelf panel/tab. No need to open up any panels nor toggle switches with any shortcuts. I also found a sculpt pie menu addon that can help. I too indeed found this a troubleing and very cumbersome workflow at the current state. I also was not happy with Blenders workflow, by using a specials menu W, other myriad of shortcuts (that are not great when you have more than one custom brush created), nor the Dynamic Spacebar workflow. So here are some addons:

Sculpt Pie Menu addon

Brush Panel

The Brush Panel is very familiar with the Node Panel workflow added to BFA, have everything in icons/labels all in one panel: one mouse over, select (no shortcuts, not hidden floating menus, no tab switching). They even simplified and economized the brush settings in that tab. They also include a bunch of brushes you can optionally load into Blender. The system also is dynamic with the brushes you build, unlike the keyboard shortcut system, a huge flaw.