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You can assign them to me!!!!.. as long as I can put in F as focus and R for radius.. yes yes yes? Deal deal?

(I have done that already in my personal shortctus, and I think every 3D software I’ve used other than Blender has F for focus)

I have edited and crosschecked the Blender and BFA shortcuts for my personal use already, and spliced a lot of Blender into BFA for what was lacking – removing conflicts. It didn’t take me 5 hours, as I used the python programming and comparison between documents manually, taking notes of what is where and then splicing code directly, outside Blender. I often replace the *.PY files or export/import my own keymaps on updates – and port them to other computers and settings, having had little problems. I am only cleaning up shortcuts, though I have modified a bunch of things for my self as BFA didin’t have the shortcut and Blenders shortcuts were sometimes absurd and umcomfortable.

I just have some questions:

  • For when would this be due ideally?
  • How many blender shortcuts do I include? All that I can? (It’s rediculous how many they have)
  • For documentation, how do I edit/work/update it?

My proposal :

  • Splicing the two, make sure they work (as I have done for my own map system)
  • Compatibility with Pie menus addon and Node Wrangler addon
  • Create keyboard image maps representations for easy visual learning of said keymap in/for documentation
  • Update documentation
  • Optional: adding/changing/updating/optimizing shortcuts for ease of use and one hand ergonomics in mind for different workflows and a Blender/BFA symbiotic shortcut relationship with open discussion

    • Suggestion: adding F for focus, a key most artists use every few seconds typically (and it is a pain in the butt having to move the arm to the number pad multiple times a minute, and more so when there sometimes is no number pad)
    • Suggestion: R for radius (to replace F for focus)
    • Proposal: Modeling shortcuts on one hand suggestions (no second half of keyboard) – based on first 5 numbers on number row and keys below and around WER with combos for depth. Why? For no hand movement over keyboard, similar to gamer ergonomics and the philosophy of having only one hand on keyboard side and the other on mouse at all times.
    • Proposal: Scultping shortcuts – based on number row and keys on and below and around WER
    • Suggestion: XCV for respective selection types, point/edge/face (Edit Mode)
    • Suggestion: 123 (Armature Selection) for Object/Pose/Edit respectvely
    • Suggestion: Shift/Ctrl/Alt combo on F12 for OpenGL Image/Animation addition

  • Delivery in mid December


  • Understand how to edit documentation
  • New Branding image/colours (for visual keyboard styling to add to manuals)
  • Understand what is flexible and what is not.

    • For now, the WER keys need to splice in with Blender, top priority
    • The floating menu calls in Blender needs to be removed/commented out
    • The Number row functions need to make sure they don’t conflict, BFA as priority
    • The unwrapping keys of of BFA, the M and N needs to have priority
    • Anything else?

  • Study/document/analyse pros and cons of other standard software shortcuts to see what works and doesn’t?

What do you think? I can stick to the plan and just splice and update documentation, but I’d also love to try add in a shortcut ergonomics addition to the great work you have already done. But if not, I’ll understand, and will be happy to just splice and document over time, something assigned finally.