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Sorry, i have separated some parts meanwhile since i thought it deserves its own thread ^^

The solution that you are looking for is in this thread: https://www.bforartists.de/content/calling-help-full-keymap-bforartists



Is there a way to export the hotkeys to another computer easily and complete, I tried the export “key configuration”, but when I imported it to my other computer the keys wouldn´t all work like they should for some reason. Maybe there is a file (or multiple files) that I can copy directly from the install directory?

It should work, but there is a bug that i haven’t catched yet. Something in the text parsing is broken. And it happens in Blender too. There is unfortunately also no easy workaround available. I simply have no idea what is going on here. I just know that it already breaks at export. And so you have to fix it afterwards.

What i do is to manipulate the keymap.py files directly in a text editor, and place it at the target location then.

The file gets created when you manipulate the keymap and export it.